Illuminated stage wear for Rock 'n' Roll band, Volk.

Nashville-based Cowpunk duo, Volk, released their new single “Welcome to Cashville“ in a set of custom western suits that I designed to light up the stage. Along with rhinestones and fringe, these suits include sewable LED lights and conductive thread. "Conductive thread" is my new favorite thing to say. Should I change my entire brand name to "conductive thread"?

Anyway, Volk and I partnered with one of my all-time-favorite photographers/renaissance women, Elisabeth Donaldson, to create these over the top photos for the band. I'm very proud of this hair and makeup look I created for the drummer, Eleot, complete with that fiery gold lip and rhinestone eyeliner. Elisabeth set up in Gold Room at La Maison Des Merveilles — an immersive installation, also known as my house, that I've decorated to reflect my loud and chaotic personality.

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot:

From the Sewing Studio:

Check out the video for, "Welcome to Cashville" by Volk and make sure to follow them on socials for what comes next!

Elisabeth Donaldson

La Maison Des Merveilles