An up-cycled universe inside the Green Gallery at Turnip Green Creative Reuse, April 3-25

Nashville, TN — Titan Vacation, an immersive art installation transporting attendees to a luxury boutique on the vacation colony of Titan — opening April 3. The exhibition showcases couture garments and out-of-this-world accessories within an awe-inspiring interactive space. This jet-setting show was created by Nashville-based artists Cybelle Elena and Ellen Schlabach, and will take place within the walls of The Green Gallery at Turnip Green Creative Reuse for an April residency.

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Schlabach and Elena have committed this show to glamour and whimsy; with intricately appliquéd tapestries draping the walls and a grandiose mirror at the center of it all. The space is sure to transport you to another world. Take the time to flip through the racks of wearable art and you’ll find flowing sequined dresses, shimmering satin robes and hand-painted shoes that are equally fit for galactic vacationers and today’s fashion forward trendsetters.

Titan Vacation will be exhibited at the Green Gallery at Turnip Green Creative Reuse — a choice location, as both artists have a practice rooted in elevating discarded materials. The show contains elements of remnant fabric of costumes past, grandmothers broken jewelry, structures from defunct venues, and a display case found behind a local sex shop. The challenging process of transforming reuse materials into luxury garments and accessories pushes viewers to envision the possibility of glamour in sustainability. A portion of the proceeds go to Turnip Green, a non-profit whose mission is to foster creativity and sustainability through reuse.